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1. More about jared + desk Force = Jared + DESK Forces. Check out The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. The USS Cairo, CG-20, was a United States Navy cruiser and the lead ship of her class, launched on 6 June, during World War II, built at the Charleston Navy Yard, and commissioned as USS Cairo (CL-97). Director: Dara Lind, screenwriter: Stephen McFeely, producers: Dara Lind, Stephen McFeely. The journey for the eight survivors of the Wreck of the S. S. St. Louis took three months as they were rescued and taken to the ships S. S. Glencairn and S. S. Aquitania, both of which had been transiting the Panama Canal and arrived in New York on May 8, After searching for more than two months, the US Coast Guard located the S. S. Glencairn and the US Navy's first salvage attempt took place on May 13, with the S. S. Glencairn's crew and Marine salvage divers retrieved survivors. As they retrieved the last of the survivors, two of the divers were also lost. It was reported in the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Daily News on May 14 that the sunken vessel was the German cruiser, which had been sunk by a Japanese submarine in the South Atlantic on August 31,, during World War II. A report in the Pittsburgh Press, dated October 13, It was also confirmed by the US Navy in, that the ship found by the US Navy was the S. S. St. Louis, sunk by the Japanese submarine I-26 on April 13,, during World War II, off the east coast of Africa. The Japanese submarine I-26, under Lieutenant Commander Takeo Doi, had sunk the S. S. St. Louis with torpedoes fired from a location south of the Azores on April 13, Doi was initially credited for sinking the ship, but it was later determined that the I-26 was in fact east of the Horn of Africa, and its commander, Masaji Kogoro, a Japanese naval officer, committed suicide after his ship, the Kaga, was torpedoed and sunk by the American carrier Yorktown on May 4, The sinking of the S. S. St. Louis was not publicly disclosed until after the war ended. The torpedo fired by the I-26, which had struck the stern of the S. S

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