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Um, umm. What was that again? I'm sorry, but I can't seem to remember what you were asking me about. ??????? I'm sorry, but I think we're on the wrong page here. ????????? Well, if you're sure this is where we should be then let's keep going. ?????? The 37 Best Websites to Learn Something New: The 37 Best Websites to Learn Something New has been published and is now on page 2 of the google search engine result rankings for "the best websites to learn something new". This book, written by the founder of Techtudo, has also been featured in other media, including "ReadWriteWeb", "The Times Online" and "Clouds". The German version of this are called "Die besten Websites die etwas Neues lernen sollten", published by edition kiepenheuer. The Brazilian version has been translated into Portuguese as O Melhor Web que Você nunca conheceu. The book was published in Brazil by editora 34 together with, which is an American company that publishes books for individual authors and publishers. The translated version was distributed in Brazil by Livraria Cultura. A Spinal Tap inspired poster was made for the launch of this project. Some posters were distributed in the UK, at the London Book Fair. After the book was published several new posters resurfaced, some of them had been created by different designers and designers agencies. The original artwork of Mauricio de Sousa, which was used to create the poster, were recently exhibited in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) together with some other drawings by him. The term "Smartassery" is featured on page 14 of Google's newbook on cyberculture: "Cyberculture - How Today's Young Digital Natives are Changing Your World". The book is also featured in the list of best "how to learn something new" books on Amazon. Smartassery is also listed among the best books on Entrepreneurship, success and art by HarpersBazaar Argentina. All the pieces published by Smartassery are available for download for free. You can find them at Also, each year they give out awards for their most interesting posts. In the first year were the "Editor's Choice Awards", but from then on they have been called The Smarteries. All the articles published by Smartassery were collected into a book that has become a bestseller in Brazil and was also nominated for a PPA Award. The first poster to feature a message from Smartassery was printed in Brazil, where it was distributed at the launch of the book "Sobrevivendo no Inferno". The poster had been created as part of an online competition, but only 9 winners were selected to receive their posters. eccc085e13

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